F & Q

Am I able to customize my order?
Certainly! You have the option to tailor your order to your preferences. While certain products provide limited customization, such as custom vinyl on balloons with a character limit, you can request further modifications beyond color, such as different balloon styles, additional balloons, or theme-specific designs. Additional charges may apply based on your specific requirements. Feel free to email us at balloonsbymina@gmail.com with your desired changes and the base product. We'll be glad to accommodate your requests.
Can I expect the product I receive to match the photo exactly?
The images showcased on our website and social media platforms serve as reference points. While the majority of our products closely resemble those depicted in the photos, we retain the discretion to make slight adjustments to enhance their impact or better align them with the theme or purpose of your celebration.
Do you offer same-day delivery?
Certainly! We do provide same-day delivery for select items, subject to availability. Prior to placing your order there is a 5 hour window, please contact us at 647-927-8108 to verify availability.

How long can I anticipate the balloons to remain afloat?

We exclusively utilize top-quality materials and incorporate products designed to extend the lifespan of balloons. Nevertheless, the longevity of balloons is significantly influenced by their handling and the environmental conditions. Typically, balloons can float indoors for approximately 48 hours or longer. Air-filled balloons, if not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive stress, can endure anywhere from one week to a month. It's important to note that these estimates may not apply to balloons used outdoors.

What materials do you use for your balloons?
We exclusively select top brands like Qualatex, Tuftex, Sempertex, and Gemar, all of which offer biodegradable options. Our balloons are made from 100% latex derived from Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), an organic material rather than plastic. We source our raw latex from sustainably managed farms, ensuring environmental responsibility. NRL, as a natural polymer, is inherently biodegradable.
What is meant by "custom colours"?
We can create custom colours by double stuffing two layers of balloons to achieve your desired shade. Please note that this customization will incur an additional cost for your event.
Why does your pricing differ from other balloon artists in the GTA?
We operate as individual small business owners, each with unique production costs, rental expenses, utilities, and overheads. Additionally, our pricing reflects the talent and time invested by our artists.
Why do you impose charges for delivery, installation, teardown, and pickup, and why are they relatively expensive?
We levy fees for our delivery, installation, teardown, and pickup services based on the distance traveled, calculated per kilometer. These charges account for the time spent on the road between point A and B, as well as the effort involved in setup and dismantling. Costs such as fuel, maintenance, and the time invested in placing and removing your decorations are factored into these fees. These expenses cannot be discounted and are influenced by rental fees and overhead costs.